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Dear Viswayan
Ms Nirupoma Rahman's remarks on my letter must not go unanswered.
Ms Rahman , yes I totally agree with your sentiments that we Bengalis should share our common culture and illustrious past. Sadly two important things seem to be happening
1.  Bengalis in West Bengal , India are steadily moving away from the original Bengali culture , Bengali music , Bengali Literature even Bengali cinema . Narrow provincialism must not be encouraged but residents of Bihar or Punjab or Gujarat do not as a rule listen to Bengali songs or watch Bengali Movies to the extent Bengalis do , say, in Hindi !! Cultural interaction should be a two way traffic. In addition , instead of teaching them their own mother tongue Bengali , many parents in West Bengal seem to discourage their children from learning and speaking correct Bengali in favour of English ! I was brought up in Kolkata, had gone to an ordinary middle class Bengali school , was taught English , Bengali (Vernacular) and our classical language Sanskrit. Such basis did not 'hamper' my international success in several countries including Britain where I now reside
2.  Bangladesh has accepted Bengali language as their official state language - the only sovereign country in the globe to do so and I am delighted. My concern is that in a few years time ,the Bengali language will probably survive only in Bangladesh -- this is what i mean by 'hijack'
- something losing a significant part of its own base ! 
To maintain a cultural 'togetherness' perhaps Bangladeshis should embrace the old Bengali traditions of music and literature thereby breaking up the ever increasing political divide, which seems to be thwarting our great culture.
Prof A K Banerjee
Bolton UK

Dear Viswayan Group,

you've really done a good job, especially for us those who live thousand miles away from home. 

Today I'm actually writing in reply to what professor Arup K Banerjee has written about "the Bengali culture being 'hijacked' by Bangladesh". I'm not actually sure about what he wanted to mean by that. But just wondering can anyone 'hijack' a culture? We're the Bengalis regardless whether we're originally from West Bengal or Bangladesh. We all adore our literature, music, art in the same way. Being a Bengali, I think, we never judge any piece of art, literature or music depending on whether it's done by someone who is in Bangladesh or West Bengal. Aren't there thousands of people living both sides of the borders having their near and dear ones at other side? How could we divide ourselves so easily? 

Prof. Banerjee has written from the UK, I reckon. Does he think that his identity or his cultural tradition as a Bengali has been hijacked after being migrated to the UK? It can't be like that, I believe. So how can Bangladesh 'hijack' the Bengali culture when the people over there are the very part of that very culture?

Prof. Banerjee, shouldn't we start thinking differently? Shouldn't we think ourselves as Bengali first rather than thinking of my own culture being hijacked by my own brother?

Nirupoma Rahman
Melbourne, Australia

Dear Viswayan group,
I am very much excited to see your bengali web site with complete entertainement, news, views, panjika, literature etc. etc. that satisfied me very much to know about everything of bengal and bengali.
My request you all to include some additional facilities such as bengali MP3 with adhunik, Rabindrasangeet, Lokogiti, Nazrulgiti etc.with free down load facility and online playing and some online shops for sarees, electronics etc.
I was looking for a bengali web site that has everything about bengal & bengali and I got it from now.
I appreciate your effort and contribution and all of us should support its continue improvement.
Wish you all the best
Dr. P.K.Nath, PhD
Jakarta, Indonesia

I remember emailing you some feedback about a year back about your website. It is nice to see that the newly designed site is much better than the earlier one. Your service has been very good as well. Please keep up this remarkable endeavor.
I don't know about the profitability of this site. In fact, I was surprised to see the good service as I do not expect that such an effort will be profitable yet.

Priyabrata Mukherjee
Senior Associate Technology
Sapient Corporation


what a wonderful web site. My mum lives with me this website brings her closer to home. Your interactive calender is awesome. It is fantastic for me and my children, whom I am teaching Bengali.
Thank you
Pujar shubhechya
Sima Choudhury
Yahoo! India Matrimony


Respected Sir/Madam,

I have visiting your website on a regular basis. I like this kind of a site because I am like those who stay out of their home. 

Gabriel Banerjee
Team Mentor - Microsoft Mobility
WIPRO Spectramind Services Ltd. 


Dear viswayan team,
I am impressed to see your speed. I am so happy with your personalised response 
Best regards
Sudipto Chakraborty


Dear Sir,
Tthank you for your prompt delivery of my order. 
during the past few months Viwayan has become indispensable to me for procuring Bengali books.
R regards,


I am really grateful to you, for your efforts & intimate me about the unique books regarding theatre, according to my requirement. Thanks a lot.

Subhashis Neogi


Dear Sir,
Greetings, I'm happy to say I got my favorite books. The package arrived couple of days back. I'm sorry I couldn't sent conformation mail on time. Thank you for your kind service. Now I can read Bangla books from the United States. 
Thanks again.

Lutfur Rahman 


dear sir
my heartiest congratulations on your excellent efforts for promoting our bengali culture. the bengali language is being 'hijacked' by bangladesh and the original bengali culture must be sustained.
with kindest regards
professor arup k bamerjee
u k

Dear Sir,

Thanks for the prompt service. I placed my orders on 30 March 2004 and received books on 2nd April. It is a great service to Bengali staying outside Bengal.

I was looking books of Bani basu , collection kind of books, upanyas samagra. Didn't able to locate it. Can you please inform me it is available on your store or not?

Thanks and regards,
Soumen Sadhukhan

I have received the books... It was a pleasure shopping with you people . This was my second time and there was a lot of features that you have add more features to make it easier .... 

Jayjit Das
Business System Analyst 

Dear Sir,
I had a very successful transaction a few months back when I bought some CDs through Viswayan. Encouraged by the attention I got then I am hoping to have that experience again ...... 
Thank you very much.
I shall wait for your reply.
Arup Polley


Dear viswayan,
This is to acknowledge thankfully the receipt of the consignment stated below. I am also happy that the packaging was proper and there has been no apparent breakage in any of the shells covering the cassettes or CDs.
Thanking you and with the best of my regards,
Sujit Kumar Sanyal, Ahmedabad.

Dear Sir,

I am pleased to inform you that I have collected the CDs from EMS Office yesterday. All the CDs are fine and I am happy. Thank you very much for your wonderful services that you provided to me.

In the meantime I am looking for few Audio CDs (Rabindra Sangeet) of Sagar Sen and Subir Sen. I will inform you shortly. Also I am waiting for a new release of Srikanta Acharaya during Puja 2004. Please let me know if you have any info.
Thanks you again for your support.
Yours sincerely,

Leonard Gomes, Bahrain

Dear Viswayan Group,
First of all , I wanted to convey my thanks to you all for surprising us with a interactive site at the threshold of Puja. This site looks very much close to heart as the welcome page is very much nostalgic. We can get nice information and services even from office too.
Happy Puja wishes to you all

Rajib and Bhavana (Bangalore)

      I read the article named JAPANER diary by Prabir bikash sarkar-it is most informative, and artistic mature writting, as i am in japan so as a bangali I am feeling proud of him-his important credit is to describe story in an artistic manner-
thanks editor
A.K.M Azadur Rahman uzzal kanazawa,japan

Dear Viswayan Editor:

First, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for  hosting and maintaining a wonderful site like  viswayan .com. This means very much specially to bengalees like me, who live abroad and yearn for contact with current bengali literature which is not easily available in the foreign countries. The poetry and literature published on your site has really filled that vaccum for me. My main contact with current bangla literature is through your site and through the 'kobita.ws' site where I visit and contribute to the 'muktomoncho' site regularly .

Take care

Dear Editor,
This issue of Akashdip is really very good. The stories, poems, etc. are very well selected. I liked the piece on "Coffee House" by Amitabha Dasgupta. Also, I would specially mention "Tura" and "Gunabatir deshe fera". Overall, this issue makes very good reading. Did you see the link to Viswayan on our portal page? Please keep up the good work.

we are very happy to read this type of digital magazine.
Debdulal Das

Although it will take time to cover your "Durga-Puja" presentation but what ever I have viewed,i can very much proud of saying that the coverage & presentation are not only spectacular but with an international standard.I personally feel that your site should be viewed regularly to get in touch of BANGLA & BANGALI & IT'S CULTURE. AMADER ABHINANDAN GRAHAN KORUN ,VIJOYAR SUBHBHECHCHAR SATHE AKHON AAI TUKUI....AHSI KEMON!  SUBHECHCHANTE D.K.SENGUPTA Its a Good Effort. Carry On Please. We will look forward for more detail one. Please start message board and chat facility. Other then this  you can arrange Online ADDA

D Dutta
Sr Maintenance Manager ( Electrical)
Barauni Oil Refinery.

I have seen your site as well as magazine. Really it is nice one. 

K P Chakraborty
Prabasi Bangali

Dear Editor,

I have recently visited your website and am really impressed and amazed by it.  Sorry to have written in English. I wasn't sure if you are used to "banglish".
Hoping to hear from you soon.
Luna Rushdi
New Zealand

Your puja sankhya is very good. I've not gone through whole of it, but I'm enjoying as I'm reading. I also like your current first page.

Thanks and Wishes, Ramen De

I appreciate your idea of opening a page with info on NRI Bengalis. Indeed, one of the theme we're considering for the 2004 North American Bengali Conference that we'll be hosting here in metropolitan Washington DC is "Baangaali Biswajan". We've spread all over the world, and in the process we've become sort of international in thoughts and values.
It is a fascinating to part of this realm and observe. It's worth chronicling what's going on in this sphere, I agree.

Let me know your thoughts on this. Wishes, Ramen De

Dear Editor Moshai:

Apnakeo NEW YEAR er best wishes from my side. I appreciate your valuing my comments and emailing me for that. Dhanyabad.
I must admit, I have not been regular in visitng the site, but did check it out after your email. I liked the music part as well. I know you must have tried your best for this, but I was just wondering if its possible to get more of the songs (in terms of the entirity of the songs and more options)...infact you might want to fix up a deal with the music records company for sponsorship or something..
As of now the site seems to have, just about anything that any probasi bengalee would ask for. And I do acknowledge the consistent effort that you and your team has been putting in to keep it going. My best wishes to you all and happy new once again.

Thanks and regards

Sampadak mahasoy,
       amra jara prabasi tader kacha ai patrika j kata anandar bola bojano jaba na. amra banglar janya hangla. apnara annadata.
       Nirmalya Banerjee Singapore.

Attn:The Editor
First of all hearty congrats and best wishes for the endeavour Viswayan.com!
As a suggestion I may request you to look into the possibilty of creating a bangla book directory/index of book bank especially for reference and research purpose. For example, I'm desperately searching for a Bangla Banijyik Abhidhan(Bengali Commercial dictionary) but gone thru boipara no of times without any success.But I distinctly remember during my college days 20/25 yrs back there was one such volume.
  Tapash Chatterjee

   Please keep up this spirit. Viswayan is truly attaining new heights over the time since its launch few months back in the presence of many eminent Bengali Personalities.Through this we feel 'Amar Bangla' is very close to us, specially the fragnance of the site-ambience knocks our mind. We keep visiting the site.
    Lastly, special thanks on finding our Prabasi Puja (Jamnagar) in Puja Parikrama.
Best regards
Tarapada Pyne
Sr. Manager - Reliance Petroleum Limited

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